The Benefits Of Using A Workout Mat To Skip On💫
Hi I’m Mia! In this Jumprope I’m going to explain the benefits of using a mat to skip on😆
1. This mat is light to carry & easy to transport.
2. It can protect your joints to prevent shin splints / soreness of calfs & feet🙌🏻
3. It can protect your ropes from wearing away / snapping due to the friction of concrete. The mat is a softer / nicer surface for your ropes😁
4. It can cushion the impact of jumping for longer periods of time. Which can reduce risk of injury❌
5. They’re comfortable to skip on making your sessions smoother💥
I use the rush athletics workout mat which is easy to carry, and also a good way to protect me in my sessions!👊🏼
What you'll need
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Rush Athletics Mini Mat
Skipping Rope
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