The Best Hotels To Visit In Las Vegas
Paris Las Vegas
This is a French themed hotel complete with an Eiffel Tower. Wander through the Parisian streets inside or take in the view from the top of the tower.
This hotel is known for its elegance and was inspired by the town Bellagio, Italy in the country's Lake Como Region.
The inside is beautiful and worth a visit, but the main attraction is its fountains. They are set to music and put on a show every 15-20 minutes.
As the name suggests, the hotel is inspired by Venice, Italy. Wander through the shops, gamble, or take a gondola ride through the hotel.
Caesar's Palace
The biggest feature at Caesar's Palace is the Forum Shops- a luxury mall with brands like Gucci and restaurants, all designed to look like Rome.
Elsewhere in the hotel are the Appian Way shops which are more budget friendly. The hotel also holds night clubs and, of course, a large casino.
Inside the Flamingo you will find flamingos! An interior garden holds the birds along with ducks, fish and turtles. This is a free attraction.
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