The Best Things To Do At Central Park NYC
Central Park is the best place to check out nature while in New York City.
There is so much to do in Central Park all through the year. Here are some suggestions of what to see!
Play with remote controlled boats.
Remote controlled cars are great, but how often can you do that with a boat? Rent a little boat and take it for a spin on the lake!
Go for a boat ride.
Maybe you’d rather take out a real boat. That’s an option too! Take a little joyride on a boat ride in the city!
If you love animals, you can see lots of them over at the Central Park Zoo.
Strawberry Fields.
Be sure to check out the memorial to John Lennon if you’re a Beetles fan.
If you’re visiting NYC in the winter, then try skating at Central Park! You’ll get a beautiful view of the city around you while you’re on the ice!
Explore some of the statues around the park. There are fun ones like Alice in Wonderland...
... and Hans Christian Andersen.
Here are a few honourable mentions of other things to see in Central Park:
The Carousel, Go for a walk on the Mall, Check out the Conservatory, or explore from above at the Rockefeller Centre.
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