The Best Time To Visit Southern California
When visiting a place as popular as Southern California, it's important to choose the dates wisely. Keep reading to learn the best time to visit!
Since it never gets too cold, you can enjoy the beach year-round. Some people even get in the water in the dead of winter!
Speaking of winter, it's as green as ever! In the desert, you don't see as many seasonal changes as you would in other places.
The off-season is great because you fight less traffic! Fewer tourists visit and locals are less likely to do exciting things.
It's literally a ghost town! I joke, but not really...
We visited Knott's Berry Farm in addition to Universal Studios and rode the rides until we got bored because there were very few lines!
Speaking of Universal, when Hogsmeade is covered in snow, it's a nice touch to feel a bit chilly when the sun goes down.
Fewer tourists means fewer street performers. You'll still see them, but they won't be in your way.
November is the perfect time to visit because you get all these perks plus Christmas in the air! (Pre-Thanksgiving, you miss the Christmas rush, too)
If you want to enjoy a Southern California beach in peace, schedule your trip in the off-season!
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