The Best Way to Gift Cash or a Gift Card
Cash & gift cards are great presents, but are you shoving them loose in a card or buying a 2nd gift?
Gift them in DIY Trading Card packs! Score your kit:
Print out the PDF at 100%.
The wrapper should be printed on regular paper. Color & decorate it however you like!
Cut & fold the wrapper. Glue or tape the side tabs.
The holder can be printed on either regular paper or card stock. Decorate it in your own style.
Cut, fold, & shove your gift inside the holder. Tuck the tab into the back.
Your trading card blanks should be printed on card stock. Cut them out.
Make your own artist trading cards! Create in whatever medium you like, & personalize them!!
Here’s an example of how mine turned out for the cash pack.
And here’s how my gift card pack turned out.
Stuff the wrappers with the cards & gift. You can also add homemade stickers & a stick of gum.
Close the packs by either tucking in the top flap or sealing it shut with glue or tape.
These trading card packs are now ready to gift to your favorite people. Stay crafty!!
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