The Best Way To Hike Runyon In LA (Monkey Trail)
The magic of this route is that you climb on steep, scenic, interesting terrain (left) but descend on a gentle road (right).
The route is roughly 2 miles and the strenuous uphill part is at the beginning.
Enter the trail from the path off of North Curson Avenue.
Turn left immediately where you see the sandbags to start hiking on the trail.
DO NOT go up the paved part. If you see this you’ve gone too far.
Follow the path up. The terrain is steep but you never need to put your hands down and scramble.
Check out the amazing panoramic view of all of LA at the top. You can even see the Hollywood sign!
When you get to the top, continue along the ridge line to the next peak 100 years back.
Right before the 2nd peak, you’ll see a path to descend to the left of the left. Take that down. This is the only steep descent on uneven terrain.
Continue heading back. You are going through the gully toward the string of high voltage power line towers.
Head up these wooden stairs under the power line.
At the top of the stairs, you’ll see a wider dirt path. Turn right.
At the end of the dirt path, you’ll meet the paved road that you’ll take down. Turn right at the road.
Take the path down.
At the bottom hill, you’ll reach a fork. Turn right to head toward Vista Street.
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