The Homework Machine
Shel Silverstein was an American author and an illustrator.
You may know some of his poetry books.
One of his most famous books is The Giving Tree.
He also wrote the song, “A Boy Named Sue” that was sung by Johnny Cash.
Shel Silverstein was the illustrator his poems.
This is his poem The Homework Machine.
Even Ozzie can help with homework 😄
For today’s drawing, you will need these supplies.
You will be using the geometric shapes to create your very own Homework Machine.
Begin by drawing the outline of your machine.
Add shapes to be buttons and knobs.
What kind of tasks do you want your machine to do?
This dial sets the grade I want to get.
This one takes my spelling test.
NEVER TOUCH THE RED BUTTON!🚨 for emergencies only!
When you are done drawing, add color.
Please show me your artwork.
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