The Number One Reason Your Job Search Fails
I want to talk today about the job search process and where most people start to fail.
So, you feel unhappy at work and your 1st instinct is to refresh your resume. Then you start looking and applying to jobs.
Usually then, 1 of 2 things happen. You either get a job but it doesn’t turn out to be the actual job that makes you feel happy and fulfilled.
Or, you apply for dozens of jobs but none of them pan out. You either don’t get interviews or you don’t hear anything from your applications.
Here’s why...most people skip this vital step of taking a step back before they update their resume and before they start searching and applying.
They skip that part that is actually the self-discovery. Figuring out what is it that I really want to be doing in this next phase of my life...
And when you can step back and really define and clarify what it is that you want next...
That job hopping stops, getting into positions that just aren’t right for you, stops. And switching career paths every year or two, stops.
So you have to take that step back. Think about it. Do some self-discovery, really figure out what does this next chapter look like for me.
Stop applying for every job just to apply for it and move forward only when you’ve figured out that very first part!
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