Edvard Munch painted The Scream in 1893.
He was from Norway and the title actually means “scream on nature”
His family life was full of sickness, mental illness, and alcoholism.
The painting has been stolen TWICE!!
There are three main lines in the scream.
Blood red and orange colors are in the sky.
Best example of hearing a painting.
There are many memes about The Scream.
There are modern day movie influences too.
The Scream movie made the mask look like the painting.
Even Ozzie can do it!
Why is he screaming?
You will need these supplies for today’s drawing.
Begin by drawing the diagonal lines for the bridge and hand rail.
Add the wavy lines in the sky and the horizon line.
And the twisted line on the right side.
Erase a spot of the railing in the foreground.
Then add something that you are scared of in the foreground.
Think about things you are afraid of. YOU MAY NOT USE PEOPLE!
Color in your drawing. Remember to add that orange and red sky.
When you have finished most of the colors, add black.
Please show your completed work.
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