The 3 Toe Jumps Of Figure Skating
Out of the 6 figure skating jumps 3 of them are toe jumps! Can guess which ones they are?
If you said toe loop, flip, and lutz, you are correct! Let’s take a look at them!
First is toe loop. The right foot is on a back outside edge and the left foot is picking into the ice to propel yourself into the air.
This jump is commonly done from a 3 turn entrance but there are many variations of entrances that can be executed.
Next is flip. The left foot is on a back inside edge and the right foot is picking into the ice to propel yourself into the air.
With practice and a good single flip base, you can progress this into a double, triple, or even quad flip.
Last is lutz. This one is very similar to flip. The biggest difference is your left foot is on an outside edge.
It’s very important to get the outside edge, if it becomes an inside it is a flip and we call it a “flutz” when you don’t accomplish the outside edge.
If you would like to learn more about the other figure skating jumps you can check out my recent jumprope. “The 3 Edge Jumps Of Figure Skating”
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