The Ultimate Fried Rice with Leftover Prime Rib
One of the keys to success is to gather and measure your ingredients before you begin
Heat your wok or large pan to medium high heat ++
Add your oil while the wok is heating up. It should be nearly smoking when ready to cook
Add your cold rice and saute to fully cover each rice grain with oil and heat
Add your pre-mixed eggs to the center of the rice. Then mix well to cover all the rice grains.
Now add your sesame oil, soy sauce and oyster sauce and mix well.
Add the green onions and black pepper to taste, mix well.
Taste the rice for flavor, adjust if needed, then add the prime rib (or whatever protein you are using) and heat thru.
Serve immediately topped with green onion or furikake or Sriracha (or like us - leftover Cabernet jus from the prime rib)
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