Thermography w/ Embossing Powder (1st - 12th)
What you'll need
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3 small jars per workstation
Embossing Powder
One per station
Heat Tool
One per participant
FREE Lorna Simpson Gold Heads Template - For Cardstock
Two per station
Embossing Pad
Two per station
Glue Stick
One per station
Heat Resistant Surface (plywood)
This guide was produced for Generations: a History of Black Abstract Art @ Baltimore Museum of Art
Inspired by Lorna Simpson’s Gold Heads, embossing ink, glue stick & fingers becomes amazing coiffes!
Working over a tray, sift thermoplastic embossing powder on inked areas. Tap off excess for re-use.
Carefully use a heat tool to activate the embossing powder. You can add more ink / powder once cool.
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