10 Things All Travelers Should Do To Stay Safe
Share your intended itinerary with at least one trusted friend or family member. The list should include the hotel and tour names & rough timeline.
Bring more than one working credit card with you & keep in separate locations in case you misplace a bag or get pickpocketed. Also hide emergency cash
Never disclose where you are staying to new friends you make while traveling, especially if you are out drinking in a bar. Keep personal info personal
When paying for something, be discrete. Do not pull all your $ out at once. Paying via credit card is quick, easy & safe.
Stay in accommodations with trusted reviews. If a hostel or AirBNB has negative reviews for safety, avoid at all costs. Your safety is #1 priority.
Less is more. Americans tend to have a target on their back while traveling. Avoid making a scene or drawing unnecessary attention.
Dress appropriately. If you are visiting a place that has different religious beliefs, respectfully follow the cultural guidelines. Do your research.
Plan ahead. When you leave your accommodation for the day, make sure you have a phone charger & other necessary things to keep you safe for the day.
For more travel tips, visit SoSydneyNY.com.
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