5 Things I Can’t Wait To Do In Antigua
I will be traveling to the beautiful Antigua and Barbuda in a few days, and these are some of things I am most looking forward to.
Going on a Snorkeling Adventure
The resort I’m staying at is on Dickensons Bay; a highly recommended spot for snorkeling!
Going on a Sunset Cruise
Sitting back, relaxing, and reveling in the warm colors of the Antiguan sunset 😬🌅
Visiting the Pillars of Hercules
Only accessible by hiking or boat, these naturally chiseled rock formations are sure to make awesome photos!
Enjoying the local cuisine!
As a chef, this is my natural calling everywhere I go. Looking forward to saltfish, duncana, and fungee 😬
Revisiting Devil’s Bridge 🥰
This place is simply breathtaking! Natural limestone bridge carved by the ocean 😍😍
What you'll need
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