10 Things To Bring With You When Winter Camping
A winter camping tent: we used a canvas tent with a chimney hole in the top. The hole should be surrounded by fireproof material.
A wood burning stove with a chimney to go out of the chimney hole! Get a stove that’s big enough to burn a long fire but not take up too much space.
A lantern! Winter days are much shorter than summer days and you’ll likely want to stay awake after dark. A lantern can help you see inside the tent
Wood! Bring more wood than you think you’ll need. I recommend about 4-5 bundles (regular wood bundles) per night.
Fire extinguisher. Your wood burning stove should be safe, but there’s always an off chance of a fire starting if it gets knocked over.
Carbon monoxide detector. Again, you likely won’t have to deal with this, but it’s an odorless, colorless, lethal gas. So, just be safe!
A blow torch. Not 100% necessary, but it makes starting fires in the wood burning stove SO EASY! We can start a fire in about 30 seconds with it
A welcome mat. It’s not just decor! It’ll help you minimize the snow you track into the tent.
A fire-resistant blanket to put under the wood burning stove. The bottom of your tent SHOULD be fine, but we wanted to be extra safe.
Your camera! If you’re camping in the winter, you’ll be seeing some landscapes that people rarely get to see. Take all the pictures!
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