Things to do in Joshua Tree
In Joshua Tree, you can either camp in the park, glamp in an Airbnb airstream, or stay at a hotel
If you are a hiker, the Ryan Mountain Trail is a popular a 3 mile hike.
The trail has an elevation gain of 1,050 ft, and offers amazing views of the whole park.
Skull Rock can be found along a 1.7-mile nature trail starting at the Jumbo Rocks Campground.
This unique rock was formed from rain drops eroding the granite over time.
The Cholla Cactus Garden is a unique attraction & short nature trail on Pinto Basin Road.
It is named after the large concentration of Cholla cacti there, also known as the teddy bear cactus
For dining just outside the park, I love Larry’s & Milt Western Cafe for comfort food.
The Station is a coffee shop, boutique, bar, and plant shop inside a repurposed vintage gas station.
Beauty Bubble Salon & Museum is exactly that - stop by for a fresh cut & lots of hair history!
The World Famous Crochet Museum houses a collection of crochet items inside a vintage photo stand.
The Sun Alley Shops is a group of artisan-run shops offering home decor to handmade jewelry.
The Mincing Mockingbird is part souvenir shop, part art gallery. Stop by for. totally unique pieces.
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