This Is How I Propagate My Geranium Plant
Start with your favorite geranium plant.
You will need a sharp blade and a container with water.
Find a healthy stem that is about 5" long with a least 2 sets of leaves.
Crefully cut the stem with a sharp blade or scissors just below the second pair of leaves.
Remove any flowers, leaves and buds. I decided not to cut the top leaves.
Put your cutting in water. And wait. You can place your container next to a window and change water weekly.
About 3 weeks to a month the roots look like this. They only grow from the bottom of each cutting.
You can then place the plant in a pot with soil and water. They like sun and warm temperatures.
A month later they will have flowers. I put 3 plants in a pot so it looks fuller. They will do great the whole summer.
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