Three Must Visit Neighborhoods In Lincoln, NE
This neighborhood's business district holds blocks of shops- from disc golf equipment to salons, coffee shops, a book store, boutiques and more!
A cornerstone of the neighborhood is Union College. The grounds are a Nebraska Statewide Arboretum, and Spring-Fall they host a Sunday farmers market.
Make sure to stop by Goldenrod Pastries! They offer picture perfect treats for maby dietary needs including vegan and gluten-free.
University Place
The town of University Place was founded in 1889 and annexed by Lincoln in 1926. In many ways, it still feels like a small town.
The Lux Center for the Arts is a free gallery that also offers art classes. It is also the site of the original town's city hall.
Make sure to visit the coffee shop (Mo Java), the beautiful college grounds (Nebraska Wesleyan University), and keep an eye out for the street art.
The town of Havelock was founded in 1890 and was annexed by Lincoln in 1930. The business district shows many relics of the past mixed with present.
Opening in 1928, the Joyo Theater is a staple of Havelock. They are the only theater in town to show The Rocky Horror Picture Show on a regular basis.
Unique to Havelock are the Touzalin Arboretum Islands. Stretching 14 blocks, the large islands in the middle of Touzalin Avenue are actually a park!
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