Throwing On The Wheel
Wheel throwing
Choose a bat
Put your clay in the center
Center the clay
Stool and elbows
Keep elbows on hips
Centering process
Slow movements when you center
Wrap your pinky with your thumb
Pinky/thumb centering
You R A Rock ⭐️
Keep your wheel at a steady speed
Wrap your pinky/lodge your elbow
Continue coning until you feel comfortable
Practice coning higher & higher
Clay gets softer as you work with it.
Opening your pot
Press down further into the pot to open it.
Ready to open your pot
Keep your top rim flat
Re-distribute the clay
Pulling walls
Keep your thumbs together
Continue pulling slowly!
Remember to keep your elbows tucked
One last pull!
The taller your pot gets, the slower your wheel speed.
Clean up excess water
Clean it up with a rib tool
More clean-up near the footing
Cut off with a wire tool
Dry to Leather hard
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