Throws To First And Second From Second Base
If you field the ball close enough to first base, throw the ball to first using a gentle underhand toss
Similarly, if you field the ball close enough to second base, rearrange your feet to face second and toss the ball underhand
If there is no time to rearrange your feet, use a backhand toss to gently throw it to second base
If the throw is a little farther out from second base, we can drop to one knee and overhand throw the ball to second
In a similar situation, we can field the ball and orient our body toward second by bringing our body around the ball in a counterclockwise direction
For longer throws to first, we would field the ball as normal and orient out bodies toward the base
If the runner passes us as we are fielding the ball, we can tag the runner and throw to one for a double play
Let’s see some throws!
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