Tips For Better Beading - Demos with Large Beads
Prevent a Mess
Always transfer beads over a beading mat, using a funnel, or inside a large bowl.
Many choose to ignore this advice, and they will find beads around the house for the rest of their lives.
Stop Splitting Your Thread
Create room by hold your thread taught to one side.
Run your needle across the opposite inside-edge from the thread.
Practice holding your work taught against your hand while beading through it.
Avoid a Tangled Mess
Pinch your beads, holding them stationary, while pulling long strands of thread through them.
Prevent Hand Aches and Pains
Bead needles are very thin. Squeezing and pulling them repetetively through tight work can permanently damage your hands.
Do your future self a HUGE favor - use your needle nose pliers to pull needles through tight beads.
Stop your Work from Curling
Thread additional thread throught your piece. Continue until your work is tight and keeping shape.
On square stitch work, run your extra thread through your vertical rows, making "u-turns" to jump to other columns. Continue as needed.
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