Tips For Camping With Dogs
Bring a water jug for you and your dog to avoid using plastic bottles (in case there’s no creek)
If your dog is a runner (like mine) tie them to a tree where they can still get to you and explore
Take your dog with you when you do fun things (like hike) so they can experience it, too!
Build a fire, but make sure your dog can’t get too close to it. We tied Misha up far enough away.
Your pup wants to explore this new area! Take them on a hike so you can see more, too!
Bring familiar things like their crate, water bowl, or toys to make them feel more comfortable
Don’t worry if they get down and dirty! They’re dogs and they probably love digging, swimming, etc.
(For some) Keep them on a leash or rope. There are a ton of critters your dog might spot and run to.
If they get car sick (like my boy), as your vet for anti-nausea meds before you leave if driving far
Plan your next trip ASAP! Dogs tend to love the outdoors and they probably can’t wait to come back
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