10 Tips For Feeding Your Sourdough Starter
Feed your sourdough starter in a clean bowl and clean the container you keep it in between feedings.
The black liquid on top of your starter is an alcohol byproduct called hooch. Pour it out. It’s ok!
Use a kitchen scale to measure by weight for more control over your starter’s hydration.
Feed your starter using distilled, purified, or filtered water. Anything without chlorine.
Mix your starter and water first, then add the flour. This helps prevent clumping.
If using a flour blend, the total amount of flour should weigh equal to the amount of water used.
If not using right away, let your starter feed at room temp 2-4 hrs before putting it in the fridge.
Your starter will be fine in the fridge for a month or more. Just feed it 2-3x in a row before use.
Store it in a container that is not airtight so gas can escape but bugs can’t get in.
Don’t throw away your discard starter! Use it to make scallion pancakes or other discard recipes.
For more details check out the blog post on The Practical Kitchen!