10 Tips For Getting Travel Benefits
Sign up for a travel credit card like the Aviator Mastercard so you get a mile for every $ spent. Redeem those miles for free flights.
Sign up for a hotel rewards program so you can accumulate points and redeem for free hotel rooms.
Ask the airport desk workers if there is a free upgrade on your flight. If there are empty seats available, they may offer it to you.
Get Global Entry for international travel. It will save you hours waiting on a line at customs.
Take advantage of airport lounges either through airline or credit card status. It’s a place to eat, drink & relax pre-flight.
If you write a blog or work for a media outlet, see if hotels and restaurants waive a fee in exchange for coverage. Pitch them a few weeks before.
Hidden City Fare is when it’s more affordable to buy a connecting flight & only fly the first leg of the trip. It’s a secret travel hack!
If your direct family member works for an airline, you fly free standby! This is a great way to see the world for little cost!
Use SkyScanner.com to find the lowest possible price for a flight. Often times it’s lower than what the airline will advertise!
Choose hotels that offer free meals or happy hours to certain credit card holders. Oftentimes there are lounges in hotels too for specific guests.
For more travel tips & hacks, visit SoSydneyNY.com.
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