Tips For Potting Succulents
Gather your materials: a succulent, a new pot, filter material, soil, pebbles, someting to work on to protect floors, rags for clean up, and water.
Place your filter material at the bottom of your pot. I use scraps of landscape fabric. Some use coffee filters. This will help prevent soil loss.
Fill your pot with soil, add some water & tamp down. Eyeball the soil level and place the plant inside the pot to determine how much more you need.
Add some water then tamp down. This helps compress the soil so when you finally get your plant in, it won't suddenly sink.
Carefully remove the plant from it's pot and work into the new pot. Be gentle with the roots; try not to disturb them too much as you cover them.
Add a bit more water and tamp soil down. Add more soil as needed, but don't cover the plant leaves.
Add your mulch layer around the plant. This layer will retain moisture, and if your plants are outdoor, this helps prevent weeds from taking root.
Move your plant to their new spot. Read plant care instructions for it's light needs.
Notes: I prefer terra cotta pots, but any pot with drainage holes will do. Check if a certain time of year is best for re-potting your plant type.
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