9 Tips For Shopping at Thrift Stores
Before you head out research which items are best to thrift (like leather + denim) and which to avoid (like swimsuits).
Plan your thrifting adventure on a weekday. You’ll have more selection than on the weekends. Whenever you go, go early to maximize options.
Make sure to try things on! Many thrift items are final sale so don’t wait until you get home to make sure you love it.
Items out on display will likely be priced higher but remember to dig through bins and check the back of racks for hidden gems.
Ignore the size tag in most cases. Many vintage pieces will run smaller. Buy something if you love it and it fits.
Bring cash! Many thrift stores are cash only and you don’t want to miss out on a treasure because of a technicality.
Don’t feel pressured to buy something just because it’s cheap. Make sure it’s something you really love and can see yourself wearing.
Check each garment before you buy it for stains or tears. If it has any flaws you may be able to negotiate the price.
If you find something you love that doesn’t fit you properly, consider getting it tailored! This will extend the life of your pieces even further.
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