6 Tips I Wish I Knew Before Crafting with Air Dry Clay
Moisturize your hands before you begin. Not only does this keep your hands moisturized, but it also keeps clay from sticking to you.
Condition clay before you begin by kneading so it’s soft and malleable. You can see this is difficult if you start with a big piece of clay.
Instead, split the clay into small pieces. Condition each piece separately then work them togehter.
If you’ll be rolling your clay flat, start by squishing it a little flat with your hands first. This makes rolling easier.
Don't ruin a rolling pin you use for baking! Instead use any glass bottle.
Roll clay on a hard flat surface, like wood or glass. Flip clay occasionally while rolling.
Here's what happens if you roll clay on parchment. Moisture from clay causes parchment to wrinkle, making marks in the clay that are hard to remove.
Anything in your house can be used to create interesting texture! Try stamping clay with vintage crystal or rolling a piece of lace over the clay.
Now you're ready to create bowls, decor, and jewelry with air dry clay!
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