8 Tips To Make Your First Solo Trip Unforgettable
Make a plan before you leave to avoid getting flustered in a new city and end up not doing anything!
Pack light. Unfortunately, in certain parts of the world, women struggling with huge suit cases become targets.
If you can still communicate with friends and family, check in with them every once in a while so they can help if they don’t hear from you!
Make sure you give your body what it needs weather that’s eating, drinking, or sleeping.
Learn some of the local language. It will make you a lot more comfortable knowing what people are saying and being able to communicate.
Do the pocket check! Check for your passport, wallet, and phone whenever you move!
Book a group tour through AirBnb experiences or something like it to meet people while you travel!
Stay in a hostel or a BnB where it will be easy to meet people during meals to make future plans with.
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