Toddler Fun - Pumpkin Painting Craft
Supplies: mini pumpkins, craft paint, paint brushes, paper plate, good working area and baby wipes
I have found that BRIGHT acrylic paint colors work the best for this craft.
First squirt all the paint colors on the paper plate.
The easiest step for younger kids to do is a polka dot design. Just instruct them to make circles.
They can also do several random line strokes all over the pumpkin.
Or lines going straight down from the top. Maybe even throw in some color patterns they can do.
Lots of "X's" are easy to achieve as well. These can overlap for a fun pattern.
My last suggestion is to paint stripes going around the pumpkin.
But of course, kids are kids. Remember it's their canvas...
and whatever they decide to paint on the pumpkins, it will look awesome regardless!
So on that note, don't forget to share pictures with us, so we can admire their beautiful artwork!
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