Top 10 Coffee Spots In St. Augustine, FL
The Kookaburra (downtown): known for its aussie pies and famous hot chocolate!
The Kookaburra (at the beach): charming outdoor seating makes this spot perfect for a coffee date!
Relámpago: featuring a backyard patio, this coffee "lab" serves experimental flavors!
Dos: a cafe serving coffee and wine! This parent store to Relámpago also has a beautiful patio
Chocolattes: cheesecakes, chocolate-covered bacon, and more! This spot offers much more than coffee
Sweetwater: a place where everything is crafted with love at this family-owned art gallery & cafe
City Perks: located in the heart of downtown, look out at the historic fort while you sip a latte
St. Augustine Coffee House: on the famous St. George street, this shop is perfect for a midday brew
Dreamboat: also on St. George Street, this quaint spot serves you in the heart of historic charm
Casa Monica Starbucks: a well-known coffee shop set in the historical Casa Monica Hotel!