Top 6 Places To See New Year’s Eve Fireworks In London!
Lambeth Bridge: lesser crowds, no tickets in advance, better transportation and an incredible display! Lambeth Bridge has it all.
Greenwich and the O2: south of the river has much more to offer than just River Thames! It also has incredible NYE activities including fireworks.
Albert Bridge: known as the fairytale bridge of London, people can enjoy a fantastic display completely free of cost.
Perhaps the best displays are the ones which are ticketed; such as the one right next to Tower Bridge.
The magnificent light, smoke and shadow show that takes place here is worth every penny of the fix priced £10 ticket!
London Eye and Westminster definitely take the cake in offering the most iconic firework display for an uninterrupted 20 minutes, leaving us in awe!
Last but not the least,if you live in a high rise,chances are NYE is visible right through the comfort of your home. Many rooftop bars offer the same!
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