Top 15 Roads In California for Photography
GLACIER POINT ROAD: Capture Yosemite’s iconic Half Dome with an incredible horseshoe bend in the foreground.
WINDSOR BLVD: Enjoy the Hollywood Sign framed perfectly by lush palm trees.
BENTON CROSSING RD: Take in the majesty of the Eastern Sierras just outside of Mammoth Lakes.
HYDE ST & LOMBARD ST: Enjoy curvy roads, trolleys, and bay views with Alcatraz framed up in the distance.
ARTIST’S DRIVE: This curvy and narrow 1-way loop offers some of the most unique and colorful features in Death Valley National Park.
TIOGA PASS RD: It’s the highest elevated pass in CA, and there are no bad views as you cruise through the north side of Yosemite National Park.
BIXBY CREEK BRIDGE: Soak in a beautiful Big Sur sunset, and then stick around for long exposure light trails.
WASHINGTON ST: Perfectly frame up the Transamerica Pyramid from San Francisco’s Nob Hill.
GRIMES CANYON RD: This heavily trafficked horseshoe bend north of Moorpark is perfect for long exposure shots. Come early for a golden sunset.
HARRISON ST: Enjoy a perfectly framed Bay Bridge and then take a stroll down the Embarcadero in San Francisco.
NORMANDIE AVE: Grab a perfect view of the Griffith Observatory with towering palm trees. A hill around Clinton St provides a great faux drone shot.
EL CAPITAN DR: The famous El Capitan frames up perfectly on this connector road between the Northside & Southside Drives of the Yosemite Valley.
GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE: Whether you’re on the bridge or shooting it from afar, it’s hard to find a bad angle.
WINWARD AVE & PACIFIC AVE: Capture the iconic Venice Sign and then stroll down the legendary Venice Boardwalk.
DEATH VALLEY RD: Driving away from the park, enjoy sweeping panoramic views of the Ibex Wilderness and the Mojave Desert.
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