Top Secret Tips To Maximize Your Disney Trip In Orlando
I’ve been a loyal Disney visitor since the 90s and have picked up tons of tips along the way. If you do it right, Disney is a BLAST.
My family has a Disney Vacation Club Membership which means we have a certain # of points to use every year on housing. We can stay “on property”...
meaning at one of the several Disney themed resorts. They greet you with a “Welcome Home!” upon arrival. Everything is “Disneyfied” (high standards)
You can stay off property at hotels but there’s downsides. You have to drive to the parks & pay. There’s a free shuttle bus service from all...
Disney hotels and parks. It’s incredibly convenient and safe for kids, the elderly, or those who require additional assistance.
Yes, it may be a bit more $ than the other hotels but the experience is by far better and the other expenses will add up.
My favorite hotels are Saratoga Springs (horse theme) or Animal Kingdom Lodge which has real safari animals outside your rooms!
Depending how long you’ll be there, you should get the Park Hopper Passes. This means you can go to ANY of the parks throughout the day.
IMO you can do all of Disney in 2 days. I’ve done all 5 parks in 1 day 😆 We BOOKED it, but it wasn’t my first time going.
Plan your parks wisely. Every day there’s a different “Magic Hours” schedule. 1 park opens early and 1 park stays open late.
You can only visit Magic Hours if you stay on property. Another reason to! Get there early as people will be waiting in line to enter...
but the benefit to Magic Hours is that the lines will be nonexistent for some of the busiest rides! Make a list of rides you want to do beforehand!
Reserve your Fast Passes! These are special tickets that allow you to essentially skip the hours-long lines at popular rides.
You can reserve them on the Disney app or in-person at the park. I advise scheduling EVERYTHING beforehand. It saves time & stress.
Get a Magic Band which will be given for free prior to arriving to Disney. It will be sent to your home (if booked early enough).
Magic Bands are a Fitbit equivalent. Everything is done through it: room key, credit card, ride passes, tickets to enter parks. It’s invaluable.
I highly suggest customizing & ordering the Magic Bands prior to arriving on property. They are reusable too so bring them when you return!
Make dinner reservations via the Disney app! They will book up! My favorite restaurants are the Skipper Canteen and The Brown Derby.
Experience AT LEAST one Magic Kingdom fireworks show. This is the magic you’ve come for. It truly brings tears to my eyes every time.
The big shows don’t happen every night so make sure you plan accordingly & get a churro or funnel cake!
Go to Downtown Disney/Disney Springs if you need a break from the parks. It’s a super fun shopping area with both Disney & non-Disney stores.
There’s also loads of restaurants which may be easier to get a spot at. Still, make a reservation for everything!!
Check your hotel for fun activities they’re hosting. Some nights they’ll stream classic Disney movies on the lawn & provide snacks! All complimentary!
Research Disney secrets before visiting. There’s so much happening behind the scenes that will blow your mind! Google “Top Disney Park Secrets...”
There’s a whole underground tunnel system so you’ll never see a character “out of character.” There’s no mirrors in the bathrooms bc they don’t want
people spending too much time in there! 😆 You’ll never see a piece of trash on the ground! Fun facts like this...
Enjoy at least one Mickey Ice cream Pop. They just taste better when you’re standing in front of Cinderella’s castle!
Have a game plan with your group. If there’s kids, make sure you have an emergency plan. Have a “meeting spot.” The park is safe but have a plan!!
The moral of the story is that you’ll have fun NO MATTER WHAT. Disney is magical no matter your age or gender.
While the days are long, you’ll look back on these memories fondly. Grab some Mickey ears and hit the parks!
Reach out @sydneybraat with any Disney questions! For more travel tips visit
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