Top 10 Things To Do In Tokyo
Noodle Cup Museum: learn about the history of ramen, design your own cup and make ramen from scratch
Purikura Photo Booth: take cute photos and add your own filters & customize! Tons of themed booths
Mario Kart Racing: dress up as your favorite character & take a guided go kart tour around Tokyo
Tokyo DisneySea: tons water rides, unique Disney snacks & parades you won’t find anywhere else
Tokyo Disneyland: most of the same rides with a Japanese twist, unique food and gift shop goodies
Harajuku: filled with street style looks, incredible shopping & foods! Don’t forget to eat a crepe
Shibuya: Cross the busiest intersection in the world, go shopping at Shibuya 109 & eat amazing food
Visit the Big Buddha and Other Shrines/Temples : Go inside the Buddha, shrines & try the food carts
TeamLAB Borderless Museum: interactive digital museum this will be the most magical place you visit
Visit a Shiba Cafe or any animal cafe : play with shibas or other animals as you sip on a drink
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