Total Body Workout On The Exercise Ball + Modifcations
Static lunge on ball with heel raises. Add hand weights if needed. 2x20/side each heel lift = 1. Can be done without the ball too.
Lunge on ball. Add hand weights if needed. 2x10/side. Can be done without the ball.
Kneeling leg lift. 3x10/side. Can be done without the ball.
Straight arm plank w/ knee crunch on the ball. 2x10/side. No ball? No worries do the motion without it.
Bridge w/ feet on ball. 3x10, 1 = full cycle of hips up then down. If you don’t have a ball lift and lower your heels instead of the ball roll.
Hovering bridge on ball with leg lift. 3x10/side. No ball? Do the same motion with your supporting foot flat on the floor.
Oblique twists on the ball. 3x10. 1 = both elbows tap. Roll up a large towel if you don’t have a ball, something stiff enough that you can push into.
Hey there! Thanks so much for working out with me! For more ways to Make Time For Me Time visit me on IG, FB & YT @sostyled.jen have an awesome day!
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