Total Body Workout: Stability Ball
Abs on Ball Position 1: toe taps to the floor. 3x10
Abs on Ball Position 2: knees over your hips at 90 degrees. Alternating extensions. 3x10, both legs count as 1.
Abs on Ball Position 3: both legs extend together. Start with knees at 90 degrees over hips. 3x10
Oblique leg raises with front body stretch. 3 leg lifts and the stretch is 1 rep. 2x10 each side.
Seat hops. Supporting knee can be on the roller or floor. Take moving leg to side then cross in the back. Your back should not move. 3x10 each side.
Oblique hip lifts. Tight abs and seat, shoulders back and down. Raise your hips and leg, circling your arm to meet your toes. 3x10 each side
Oblique leg swings with glute activation. Squeeze your seat and press your leg back into the squeeze. 3x10 each side
Oblique leg raises. Modifications: only move your top leg or move both legs but keep them bent to 90 degrees. 2x10 each side
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