5 Trails At Laurel Hill State Park, PA
The Hemlock Trail was my favorite! It's perfect if you like rock-hopping or wading in creeks.
It's also a great place for photo ops. Because did you even go for a hike if you didn't take a photo worthy of Instagram?
Even if you don't want to get wet, you'll still get to climb over rocks on the dry path alongside the creek!
The Ridge Trail is a bit off the beaten path but the walk to the trail passes by some beautiful trees, a cemetery, and a campground.
Since it's not a popular trail, we didn't see any other people. We didn't see any animals, either, but this is one of their favorite trails to visit!
The Pumphouse Trail is one of the most popular trails at the park! It's not very strenuous which makes it great for beginning hikers.
It leads to the Jones Mill Run Dam, which is a fun area to hang out and take a few pictures!
We took the Tram Road Trail back from the dam. It wasn't too strenuous, but it was not as smooth and easy as some of the other trails.
The Laurel Hill Butterfly Garden was marked by this monument honoring the Civilian Conservation Corps (which you can learn about at their museum).
It's not exactly a hiking trail, but it's a nice path for a walk! You'll find minimal obstacles and plenty of space so you won't bump into others.
Keep your eyes open so you can find some of these birdhouses and examine the plants that have started growing on them!
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