Transfer A Design To A Soft Clay Tile
Cut out the template on the black outline.
Remove the plate with the tile from the plastic bag. Use your fingers to gently smooth any wrinkles or texture.
Align the completed template on the top of the tile.
Use a wood pencil to lightly trace each line. Notice if a line is “behind”, do not trace that line. Before you remove the template check by touching.
Check by touching means to see if all lines have a bump. If a line feels smooth, then you have not traced it yet. Go back with the pencil and trace.
Now gently peel off the paper template.
Use the pencil to lightly carve each line.
As you carve, remove the small crumbs of clay.
Go back to each line and smooth it, then lightly recarve it again. Jagged edges are not good!
Put the tile back in the plastic bag right away! Do not allow it to dry out.
See you soon for adding low-relief!
Have fun! The more you practice the better you get!
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