Transfer A Drawing To A Clay Tile
What you'll need
Pencil Or Pen
Soft Clay Tile
Complete Drawing
Wet Towel For Clean Up
Cut out the template to fit the tile.
Remove the clay tile from the bag. Always leave it on the plate!
Place the template on top of the clay. Hold it in place.
Use a wood pencil or a pen to draw lightly over the drawing.
If it rips or pokes a hole, don’t worry! Change the pressure or the angle of your pencil.
Trace over all of the details and check by touching with a finger.
If it feels smooth you might have missed it! Traced lines will feel bumpy.
After checking by touch, carefully remove the template from the tile.
If some paper is stuck, no worries! It will be removed in the next lesson.
Place the tile back in the storage bag until the next lesson. Save the template! (not in the bag, it’ll mold) Clean up with a wet towel.
Have fun! The more you practice the better you get!
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