Transform A Suitcase With Belle’s & Whistles Transfers
Brown vintage suitcase. And a old luggage rack. Let’s make a table!
Clean well with White Lightning.
This cleaning agent is dispersed into water. Rinse after with water.
Plan for this piece? Belle’s & Whistles transfer and some WoodUBend!
Since this is a plastic case I prepped with Slick Stick. This is a gripping agent for slick and shiny surfaces.
This is a great item to prep any slick or shiny surface such as metal or plastic.
Burlap, Mud Puddle & Drop Cloth. Ombré the colors together.
Beautiful blending.
Paint interior edges as well. The original interior of this case will be left as is.
Let’s apply a Belle’s & Whistles transfer! This one is called Steam Punk.
I like to cut the transfer parts that I will be using for ease of use. I cut and plan my piece.
Transfers can be layered and designed as you wish! This transfer has so many great parts to layer on the case.
Smooth onto surface and use the tool to burnish down. These transfers release easily and are user friendly.
I added the pipes to the side. If there is a area where you are going over a opening - use a knife to cut the transfer after application.
Cut where needed.
Black Caviar to the trim edges.
Let’s add WoodUBend gears! Amazing detail. Heat, add glue and apply!
I used Golden Gem on the gears before application.
Sealing the transfer with Clear Coat in Satin and a Blue Sponge.
Heat the backing and adhere to the case.WoodUBend mouldings are able to bend and shape to the surface.
I added some age effect with Best Dang Wax in Black.
All around the edges and gears.
Let’s add some shine with Gilding Wax!
Stunning effect!
Thanks to the Steampunk transfer and some WoodUBend!
Stage and photograph.
What you'll need
Affiliate Disclosure: I may earn commissions for purchases made through links in this Jumprope.
Clear Coat
Best Dang Wax Black
Gold gilding Wax
Belle’s & Whistles Transfer
Wood Glue
Gemstone Mousse
White Lightning
Mud Puddle
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