Truck Camping: 9 Things We Always Bring With
An air mattress to sleep on. Make sure to bring an extension cord and power converter to blow it up!
A coffee/tea kettle to make Cowboy coffee without any electricity or French press - just hot water!
Coffee cups. When camping in the colder months, we are constantly drinking hot liquids to stay warm.
Firewood to start and maintain a campfire. There may not always be useable, dry wood in the area.
A camping stove to heat up the coffee kettle and cook food. You’ll need a small propane tank as well
A water jug to avoid buying a ton of plastic water bottles. We use this water for us and our dog
Cold weather sleeping bags if you’ll be camping in colder months. Make sure it’s rated for low temps
Camping chairs to sit by the fire because the tailgate can get pretty uncomfy after a while!
Our best friend! We can’t go camping and NOT bring him. He loves the outdoors just as much as we do
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