Prepare the ingredients
Toast 1 1/2 tbsp. sesame seeds over low heat. Avoid burning
Chop 1/2 large avocado and add 1 tsp of sesame seeds, salt...
1 tsp lemon, pepper, 1 tsp ginger, 1 tsp vinegar, 1 tsp soy, 1 tsp ac. sesame.
Add 1/4 cup edamame. Mix
Chop 4-5 sprigs of leek and reserve
Chop tuna into squares and mix with 1 tsp ac. sesame, 1 tbsp soy sauce and 1 tsp leek
Combine the avocado and tuna mixture. Press and decorate with sesame seed, leek and soy
Let’s eat, cook, and hang out around food!!
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