9 Tutorials To Help You Care For Your Plants
From debunking plant myths, to diagnosing pest problems, to resetting plants for spring, this roundup has you covered!
With these simple clues you can learn to tell if your houseplant is happy.
There are tons of houseplant myths out there. This quick guide will debunk a few important ones for you!
Learn how to transfer cuttings to LECA, which can help prevent root rot.
White fuzzy spots on your plants could be mealy bugs. This guide helps you get these pests under control.
Thrips are another common pest for houseplants. Learn how to take care of them with this tutorial.
Learn how to identify and kill scale insects on your houseplants.
Reset your plants for spring with these helpful plant care tips.
Learn how to tell if your plant has root rot (and how to fix it!)
Did your orchid drop its flowers? Follow these 5 tips to help it re-bloom.
Now your ready to have happy, healthy, thriving houseplants!
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