4 Types Of Skipping Crossovers!😁
1. Side swing crossover⚡️ swipe to see how to try this move!
Slow mo of side swing cross: bring one arm down by your side whilst the other comes over to cross. (Right arm comes down - left comes over to cross)💪🏻
Photo image of side swing cross: swing left, then the right arm comes under - left arm comes over to cross. Then opposite for the other side.
Side view of side swing cross. Keep arms close to your stomach, take it slow & repeat motion👍🏻😄
2. Run skip crossover: Aim to keep arms by your stomach and whip open after crossing👍🏻
You can drill the run skip crossover by doing x1 cross then doing x3 normal run skips. Take it slow and try to lean a little forward when crossing💪🏻
Slow motion side view of run skip cross: you can see when I cross I lean slightly forwards, this is to go with the flow of the rope when crossing🙌🏻
3. Boxer step crossover 🔋 - swipe to see the breakdown for this move!
To start, you can practice the arm / footwork for the trick. Practice crossing / uncrossing without the rope. 🙌🏻
Boxer step slow mo: bounce from one foot to the other, trying to stay light on your toes😀
4. Boxer step double cross💯 -this is an advanced version of the boxer step cross.
For this move, you are performing x2 crosses when crossing. To do this, ensure you’re rotating your wrists twice when crossing 😁
Equipment: skipping rope, workout mat, comfy shoes😎
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Skipping Rope
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