5 Types Of Skipping Southpaws!😎
First what is a southpaw!? A southpaw looks like this, where you bring one arm across whilst the other stays by your side💯
1. Basic bounce southpaw. This involves a basic bounce whilst performing the southpaw move. Keep one hand by your side, with the other coming across👍🏻
This is the most basic type of southpaw. This is a slow mo of the arm placement. With the bounce, try to stay light on your feet✌🏻
To drill this, you can try without the rope. This allows you to get use to the arm movement / coordination with the jumping😄👊🏼
2. Boxer step southpaw. This move has the same mechanics as the basic bounce. Keep one arm by your side, whilst bringing the other across✅
Slow motion of boxer step southpaw. Try to stay light on your toes, keeping the core engaged and one arm by your side👏🏼
To drill this move, practice without the rope getting use to the movements of arms / boxer step⚡️
3. Run skip southpaw. This move is great for fitness and including in your skipping combos😄
Slow motion of run skip southpaw: this move involves running on the spot, bringing one arm across, other stays by your side 🔋
To drill this, you can try without the rope. Take it slow & keep practicing until you feel comfortable with the movement 👊🏼
4. Double under southpaw. This is more of an advanced move and involves a double under with the southpaw🔥
Slow motion of double under southpaw: keep your core engaged, try to stay light on your feet. Keep arms relaxed!✌🏻
To drill this: you can try without the rope. With the double under stay light on your toes, complete same arm mechanics for southpaw 🎯
5. Advanced one leg skipping southpaw💯 this move involves hopping from one leg to the other while completing the southpaw.
Slow motion of one leg southpaw. Jump off opposite leg to the arm you’re bringing across your body💪🏻
To drill this; practice without the rope, hoping from one leg to the other. The arm movement is the same ✅
Equipment for this; skipping rope, comfy trainers, a workout mat😃
Thanks for watching! Hope this was useful😁 Instagram; @miajumprope
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