3 Types Of Variegated Plants And Their Light Needs
There are 3 different kinds of variegation on houseplants and each require different types of light.
Natural variegation is written into a plants DNA and every leaf will come out the same.
Examples of natural variegated plants are prayer plants, spider plants, begonias and calatheas.
Chimeral variegation: a genetic mutation causes parts of a leaf to lack chlorophyll, resulting in different colors.
Chimeral variegated plants can be stable such as the sansevieria laurentiis, which keep their color in low light.
Other chimera variegation is unstable, and needs bright sun to keep its white leaves or it will revert back, like the philodendron birkin and pothos.
Reflective variegation: occurs when air pockets are formed between layers of a plant. Light will shine on these areas and reflect back as silver!
A satin pothos has reflective variegation and needs bright, indirect sun.
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