9 Upcycled Craft Projects Made W/ Cardboard And Paper
Shopping bags, cardboard boxes, and greeting cards are the secret ingredient to these inexpensive, eco-friendly craft projects.
Get creative and design your own board game on the back of a cereal box!
Just add metallic paint to turn grocery paper bags into a modern wreath with this tutorial.
Did you know you can weave on cardboard? Cut your own cardboard loom to start weaving bracelets, wall hangings and more.
Cardboard forms the base for this piñata inspired ornament.
No green thumb required to care for these cacti, crafted from corrugated cardboard.
With a little prep thanks to the tutorial below, cardboard can even become a canvas for your next work of art.
Colorful magazine pages are the perfect material to make these recycled paper beads. This project can be adapted for young kids to adults!
Cereal boxes are layered together to make these faux enamel BFF pins.
Turn last year’s greeting cards into this year’s gift tags in a few easy (and fun!) steps.
Happy upcycling!