Using Chrome Canvas To Find Contour Lines
What you'll need
Chromebook Pen Or Soft Touch Pen
Open the Chrome Canvas App on your Chromebook .
Open your photo - it might be in RECENTS, DOWNLOADS or IMAGES.
Select the marker, a fine line, and a color that stands out against your photo.
Precisely outline the outer edges of all shapes - look for hidden edges!
Using a different color and a fine line, find the edges of shadows, highlights, and value changes.
Tap the LAYERS option, and then the eye on the drawing layer to turn your marks off and on.
To save the photo click the three dots in the upper right and SAVE AS IMAGE. Tap the photo to open.
Rename the file something easily recognizable and click enter. It should be saved in IMAGES.
Attach your file to your Schoology assignment (if your teacher has instructed you to do so).
Turn your lines off/on to draw your contour lines and shade your image as the assignment specifies.
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