Using My Favorite Characters As Outfit Inspo
Day 1: Kylo Ren
Colors- black, red, silver. Authoritarian and demanding.
I chose those colors in a sophisticated style because I feel like this is a wearable way to dress like such a dominant character
Hermione Granger - Harry Potter
Academia aesthetic with black, grey, and house colors
Dressed down way too portray the academia aesthetic
Hades - Disney’s Hercules
These shoes were so useful for villain characters & used twice in the week
Colors - black with green and blue tones. Elegant aesthetic because he is such a prestigious figure in Greek mythology
Nick Miller - New Girl
Super laid back, plaid and jeans are his go-to
Simple textures and neutrals allowed me to have a laid back vibe
Fran - The Nanny
Fashion icon. Pure 90’s realness. Want to steal her whole closet.
A turtleneck was a must-have with a Kate spade bag and kitten heels
Jackie Burkhart - That 70’s Show
Neck scarves and corduroy - what more could you want
Honestly the backbone of the show
Loki - Marvel Universe
Greens and blacks show off his mischievous side and create a curated and sleek look
Snake earrings because.. duh
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