Valentine Bold Lip Color Ideas & Tips!
Bullet lipsticks, classics! This is a traditional red w/a warm undertone. *Use lip liner as a guide & to help lipstick last longer!
*To make a bullet lipstick last longer, u can apply translucent powder on top & dust it away carefully. Here I’m showing u on the lips & on swatches.
A cooled tone red w/ a blue undertone. *Essentially what you’re doing is setting your lipstick. It’s not full proof but definitely smudge resistant.
A more neutral red. Not leaning too cool or too warm. *Liquid lipsticks are also known for being long lasting & not transferring.
This is THEE valentine red. It’s a vibrant bright red with cool undertones & a satin finish.
A vibrant bright red-orange!
A glossy coral pink!
A berry lip. I have 2 very similar in shade & am using the lighter one on the center.
You can keep your lipsticks matte & set them for longer lasting, or add a matching gloss!
A hot pink lip is also very Valentine’s Day appropriate!
Make it a glossy hot pink lip. *If you don’t have a matching lip gloss, you can use a clear gloss!
A bold purple! *Some liquid lipsticks have trickier formulas. Try applying a coat at a time & letting them fully dry in between to avoid lifting.
Hope this gave you some inspo to pull out some lip colors from you collection that you may already have. Happy VDay!
Valentine’s Day Lip Colors